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RESIDE Housing Community 

We have come alongside, and partnered with World Embrace on their Gulu Project to create a sustainable stewardship model that will create long-term employment opportunities, provide quality sustainable housing, and will help them to maximize impact in the local community. The cashflow generated from the rental units will not only help sustain the youth sports park but will advance the charity's other initiatives that will impact the local community and beyond. They have allocated almost 7 acres to create this RESIDE Housing Sustainable Community model. They align with our core values and we have united with them to explore together a more excellent way, by each doing our unique part, to achieve a greater impact.

Gulu, Uganda

We partnered with World Embrace to create a sustainable housing model to support and maximize the impact of their community transforming initiative - Gulu Youth Sports Park. We are aligned to their dialogue of community and unity.

Transform a Community
City Park for Youth

More than 85% of the population in Gulu is under 35! Young people are looking for healthy community engagement while there are so few opportunities for young people in Gulu. Sports initiatives are the most effective way to engage a community and impact meaningful change.

Young people from across the country are confident that achieving the SDGs will lead to a better future for their generation.

SDSN Canada Youth National Consultation on SDG Engagement

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