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all begins.

Unlocking Opportunity: Investors Impacting Social Change.

AsONE's big idea: each person doing their unique part - the power of reformation through unity.

Gathering individuals invested in people impact, unified in focus and caring about their neighbour, we begin a discovery process to unleash the purpose of the community.

Our unique facilitation process draws on the insight and wisdom of multiple stakeholders.

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Redevelop: breathing new life into neighbourhoods.

Revitalize: repurpose with new life and vitality.

Reform: agile adaption for people impact.

Our System

Identify underutilized real estate

Gather the community invested in the revitalization

Visioning Session

Attract investors

Do it

Budget 2019 proposed to invest $950 million to increase energy efficiency in residential, commercial and multi-unit buildings
Canadian communities have access to a community foundation
1/3 of Canada’s 27,000 faith buildings could close permanently by 2030

(National Trust for Canada)