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Every day we have one thing in mind - to help steward investors to give, to steward partners to connect and to steward donors to participate in a more excellent way. We have an unwavering commitment and ability to see the needs and then meet them by drawing on our strengths with others - as one. Our team and stakeholders that gather together are the primary drivers of the holistic vision that brings meaningful purpose and results, in a more excellent way. Every day they work and see transformation as needs are deemed the priority.

Family philanthrophy is quite extensive the world over. It is often a reflection of the values of the enterprising family. It can be a great catalyst for a family’s dream of continuity, and a great elixir for the prevention of affluenza and the development of an entitlement culture in the wealthy family. It is our hope that many will see us as representing a large people investment in the development of ideas - where we partner to unite and create. It is our hope that your family governance (family vision and values) will lead to your participation with us.

AsONE has a leadership team that has a vision of love and unity, the ability to lead people and advance communities to the next level of discovery. With practical experience in financial and estate planning matters, we offer everyone the opportunity to participate and make a meaningful impact. It is our hope that those who see themselves as stewardship partners will see their investment with income-producing and wealth-preserving commercial real estate as a door to giving.

A more excellent way

A way that unites and seeks a community's interest to facilitate a holistic purpose and vision. A way that is sustainable, creating a better, resilient future. A way that generates resources and grows stewardship while building the whole community.

Rick Summers, President, CEO


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